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BTB Telecom is prepared to help you with a complete management for Telecom, IT, Security and Mobility Services.

Telecom Management

With the complete Telecom Management for your company, you will have more control over processes and also reduce unnecessary expenses with telephony and data.

BTB Telecom was founded in 2012 by a team of professionals with over 10 years of experience in telephony and data. Learn about our differentials and learn more about our Complete Management Service for Telecom.

  • Invoice Management
    All Telecom invoices are processed through a platform developed by specialists, whose objective is to follow up open invoices, avoiding service cutting, maintenance and service availability problems. In addition to ensuring, the audit of accounts, identifying undue amounts.
  • Analysis and optimization
    The Reports issued monthly and quarterly are generated so there is clarity as to the optimization potentai, including contracting, canceling, readjusting packages and reimbursement of undue chargers, to improve the contracted services and reduce costs.
  • Detailing and Apportionment by Cost Center
    The reports shows detailed consumption, with panels and cost control, line inventory, usage behavior, use of resources, top users, budget control. Besides that, it is customizable of each company necessity. That way, the apportionment is done by area, bringing visibility and transparency to better match the resources invested.
  • RFP and Contracts
    To ensure the best negotiations, BTB analyzes the market offers through tools and processes that were developed for high performance results, generating relevant information for better decision making. The fixed and mobile telephone contracts and data are stored and updated for eventual needs.

T.I. Cost Management

Ensuring visibility and transparency to clearly monitor IT resources, such as printers, software, licenses and hardware, in addition to generating savings, helps managers responsible for making the best investment decision x need.

Through a web tool, it is possible to access panels with relevant information to manage resources, ensuring visibility and control.

Reverse Logistics

Electronic devices have some substances such as lead, lithium and other toxic components, which if absorbed by the human body in large quantities, leads to health problems.

Dispose of electronic waste properly, avoid these problems and also help consume less environmental resources as the components are reused.

We are an integrator with environmental responsibility and therefore offer a conscious disposal service, with partners and proper certification. Count on us when exchanging devices and electronic disposals.

Retroactive audit

Complex IT service billing processes lead to periodic errors in collections, taking costs to much higher levels than planned.

Over time an important value is accumulated, but it can be recovered through retroactive auditing and contestation of values with suppliers.


Did you know that operations that don't have a mobile device management platform can be harmed due to misuse of the smartphone by employees throughout their workday?

In a recent survey, it was analyzed that on average 30% of the time an employee uses their corporate device is not spent effectively.

This average corresponds to the time the employee spends using applications and accessing sites not intended for productive purposes.

Companies that choose to use an EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) platform ensure the proper use of devices based on their needs for operation.

The management of the devices when made by a specialized platform, brings a series of benefits, such as:

  • Security
    Bringing an extra layer of security with profiles for blocking, encryption and cleaning of confidential information in cases of loss / theft.
  • Productivity
    Segmenting the use of the equipment for corporate purposes only.
  • Economy
    Ensuring longer equipment lifespan and making inventory control more effective, thus reducing the need to purchase new equipment.

Enterprise Mobility Management

By hiring the Mobile Device Management Service, you gain full control over the main mobility offenders in operations, such as: devices with full internal storage, no data protection, associated non-relevant users, malicious applications installed, lack of mandatory applications, among others.

The management also provides geolocation indicators for tracking routes and sending automatic messages to your administrators in case any device goes out of compliance, following configured policy.

What's more, it is possible to clearly analyze possible failures in the equipment, so that the correction occurs proactively, even before the end user is impacted.

The service is quite complete., some solutions offer integrations with infrastructure components such as VPN, directory services (LDAP), external CA, SYSLOG, PowerShell, among others. Bringing thus, greater data security, automation and total control of the mobility environment.

Assistance in decision making

Managers benefit from more assertive decisions take, the analysts responsible taking advantage of possible remote commands to be sent to the equipment, such as: blocking, location, installation of applications and general settings.

And finally, the end users, obtaining an exceptional user experience, always having the most updated version of their applications, ensuring all the necessary resources to perform their work anywhere at any time.

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