The advent of technology and mobility brought many advantages to the corporate world. Then, if before employees needed to be inside company to talk with clients, now using cell phone promoted more agility and significant gains to all areas.

However it is essential that there is an corporated cell phone policy very clear and judicious. So that the employees learn the specific rules about the corporate cell phone usage.

Finally, is worth highlightining that the cell phones cannot be used as their personal device. Whether for making calls for handle private conversations or other uses that is not corporated.

Therefore, learn the corporated cell phone policy for private calls and see how do not mistake about.

Corporated cell hpone: what it is and what is it for?
Generally, an corported cell phoe - how the name suggests - is made of a device and telephone line, that are owned by the company. So, the corporation can give devices to the employees or specific departments, with the purpose of improving the communication process.

The corporate device distribution occurs, in most of the cases, according to demandof each collaborator and each section. Like comercial and marketing areas, that use more the devices for customer service, suppliers and partnes.

On the other side, there are situations that collaborators use the cell phone to personal use(in times of emergency).

In case that happens, normally the companies do not advert the employee that made personal calls sporadically from the corporated devices.

Nevertheless, the inappropriate use can occur and it is precisely at this time that the corporated cellphone usage come in. Wich must establish the best way to use corporated cell phones.

Corportaed device policy
The corporated device policy is not a single regime and therefore may vary from company to company. That way, each one establish the more convenient rules, according to your baselines.B

But, in a general way, all the policies deal with the corporated device usage exclusively to work. Therefore, the policy can define some rules for the call durations.

After defined, the norms are passed to the employees during meetings or email, formalizing everything based on internal regulation or by codes of conduct.

Nonetheless, even with the policy, a many companies find it difficult to control if their employees are following the rules.

In that case, there are some alternative strategic solutions like the addition of an specific telecom managment system or the application of cell phone account auditing, service offered by BTB Telecom.

BTB Solutions allow your business manage better the usage of corporate cell phones.
The bad usage of the smartphones by the employees can generate loss of productivity and financial losses. Therefore, BTB Telecom offers an mobile device managment (EMM) platform , that promotes an bigger control and telephony cost reduction.

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