EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) 

To offer even more embracing services about equipment and apps management, the marketplace evolves with EMM applications.  

In sum, EMM (Enterprise Mobility Managment) is a set of policies, services, process and technologies developed to the managment and protection of the use of mobile devices by employees and also corporated. 

Each EMM system type that we will see ahead, can be more appropriate to a kind of specific necessity of an certain company. 

For example, there are managers that desire block (on the whole) the employees mobile devices. On other hand, there are companies that care about protecting only specifics apps. 

But why the enterprise mobility managment service can be so interesting or the companies? 

Sometimes, the access to certain apps is an demand of the own employee. Then, not being allowed to use the devices how it should, the work could've be compromised. 

To bypass this problem, many companies have implemented the EMM solutions. 

So, they get the flexibility that they needed to keep control of IT. Nowadays, the EMM solutions includes the MDM, the MAM, the UEM, the MCM. 

MDM - Mobile Device Management 

MDM is a technology that allows manage, in a remote way, the life cycle of mobile devices, as well as yours respective platforms. 

So, on mobile device managment, the installation of unique profiles occurs in mobile equipments. 

That way, the companies can control and encrypt this profiles on devices as smarphones and tablets. 

MAM - Mobile Application Management 

With MAM, corporations are able to manage mobile applications instead of hardware. 

In fact, this technology embraces the implementation and installation of mobile applications. Inside it, the MAM covers the support to administrative push and the management of applications licences. 

UEM – Gerenciamento Unificado de Endpoint 

UEM use a lot of resources from EMM, being possible for the IT sector manage the most varied types of endpoints, including Android, iOS, Windows, Chrome operational system etc. And the most interesting is that all of the managment occurs in only one console. 

MCM - Mobile Content Management 

The mobile content managment (MCM) is other EMM solution available. In resum, this technology allows access to mobile devices from professional part. 

The MCM have as objectives the content access, submission, security and level protection 

Como as soluções de EMM podem trabalhar com conjunto com a gestão de telecom? 

The telecom management aim the optimal use of voice and data, reducing costs and increasing the efficiency of the IT operations. 

And, to earn even more efficiency, the telecom managment can work in parallel with EMM solutions. 

Finally, the EMM ensure employees the safe work when using mobile devices. 

BTB Solutions apply the EMM solutions ensuring an high quality service and maximum security to our clients. 

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