Software allows controll by broad view management platform

Information security is a strategic factor for companies of all market segments, what show the importance of the technological resources that offers more guarantees of protection of diverse data. In this context, the Mobile Device Management (MDM) is an ally.

The software developed for mobile devices management, such as cell phones, tablets and notebooks, has among its main functions the monitoring, in an integrated way, of the devices and accessible data through the devices.

Macro view for secure management

Motoring takes place through an platform that allows a global view of the devices which MDM is installed, allowing managers to control and better analytical conditions of access and type of use of the devices. The data is grouped and treaceble - incuding the possibility by satellite.

Data integration and segmentations are among the advantages

With MDM, it is also possible to filter what can or cannot be accessed and, if necessary, block some functions. This way, managers can make these limits according to what each department and collaboraor will need in their daily work routine.

Another benefit is overall data integration. MDM allows the installation of an application and the synchronization of documents with cloud storage. This scenario makes possible efficiency and security on teams access, including for remote work, that became companies reality.  

Strategic investiment

Technological resources for information security has been notorious priority on companies, what can be identified on surveys of IT and Telecom section. Exemples about isso can be saw on seventh edition of IT Snapshot.

An study published in 2021 focused on trends and IT section priority, pointed out that 53% of organizations had a perspective of investing in technology for information security in the next year.