Carrying out an inventory of your business's IT assets, besides reducing costs it increases the productivity, but do you know how to do it?

First of all, to make telecom inventory is important you know all of your IT and Telecom resources like: lines, branches, contracted plans, datas links, trunks, users, cost centers, departments, devices, modens, tablets, SIM Card, fiscal documents, IMEI and ICCID.

Categorize this data, identify each user profile and offer exactly what contributors need to perform their duties are fundamental, but exercise the control above all that information needs to much attention and time demand, that's why it is essential the use of tools that will improve this management.

We also separe here, some important topics to carry out the IT and Telecom inventory

1 - Only hire what it needs

It is common copanies pay for the services that is not used, many times operators offer "complete" packages with discount, but it doesn't serve the users, that's why it tis necessary the manager learn the usage profile of the departments and contributors. It also is important centralize on one person or one department the operators contact for any negotiation and disputes.

2 - Know the assets and relate to departments

Categorize all devices, and keep an inventory about which department and contributos use, besides controlling costs, it also helps on problem solving like maintenance, loss, theft etc

3 - Create policy for the assets usage

Define how to use the resource and put contributors on charge for their use, keep control of the cost, and helps on maintenance for possible devices exchange and package renegotiations.

The BTB Solutions keep and make the inventory management from several clients through own system cloud based, offering all the support necessary for that the managers can keep on track in real time and from everywhere, all the information about your assets and how they are being used by the contributors.

We have already reduced an average of 30% of telecom costs from all of our clients, providing more efficiency on their operations and keeping the managers focused on strategic decisions that improve their business.

Contact us and learn how to implement the Telecom inventory management.