Having a platform that controls your agreements is the best solution to ensure financial austerity, and proportinally keep focus on the core business.

While technological changes directly impact daily life, the use of tools that were once essential control items such as: spreadsheets, calendar reminders, physical files, tend to be replaced by tools that optimize processes and generate greater assertiveness.

Factors such as: expired contracts, unplanned automatic renewals, unused contracts, fines, etc. They can in the long run compromise the financial health of your business. Contract management provides gains that, in practice, tend to minimize risks, improve performance and ensure predictability.

When it comes to Contract Management, we need to ensure that all information is clear and controlled. Thus, we highlight some points that need to be taken into account for efficient control:

• Follow-Up dashboard
• Payment Control
• Deadline Control (expiration, renewal)
• Notifications for contract changes
Budget Control
• Contractual Adequacy

Our Contract Management tool is the solution for you to have efficient control and to guarantee the best negotiations, and it is also integrated with the main ERPs on the market.

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