With thousands of people joining the home office, the number of brute force attacks on RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) tool, one of the most famous for servers or work stations, it went from 402 thousand (daily average) on february to 1,7 millions on April, in just two months that was a growth of 333%.

These attacks are always made with the intention of getting user data and access passwords to RDP, shot up since the start of March in all Latin America. Only betweet 9th ad 10th of March, here in Brazil, the growth of this attack tripled, since then, the daily average went from 1 million until the end of April.

How to make your connection more secure?

- The usage of different and strong password for the access to companie resources;
- Update to the latest device software version;
- Whenever possible, activate the encryption to protect the data on the devices used to work;
- Make security copies of critical data;
- Use a corporate security solution with protection against network threats, that protect your work in cloud.To your business that uses RDP

- Only allow the RDP access using corporate VPN;
- Allow the use of Network Level Authentication (NLA) when it is a remote call;
- If possible, allow the thw factor authentication.

Source: kapersky.com.br