Taking advantage of the beginning of the year to renew the company and its daily life can be a good way to be prepared for what can happen and to better deal with adversity. That's why we've prepared a list of ten tips for you to start planning and reorganizing in 2021 right now!

1. Digital Transformation

It is not from today that there has been a conversation about digital transformation in the business segment, but it is undeniable how 2020 was remarkable in this sense. The need to turn many process to a remote way, work stations and varied operations accelerated accession to trends and news of corporated day to day.

However, there is an essential point in this matter: the search for immediate solutions to solve technological problems does not constitute an effective digital transformation. One study published by Mckinsey points out that transformation must take place in business models, connectivity, processes and decision making.

2. Process review

Often, we consolidate processes in the daily work and get used to this routine without considering whether they are still the most valid. To ensure you are operating at maximum capacity, how about reviewing all of this and starting the year by optimizing everything possible?

The production of IT reports is an example of a process that tends to become obsolete quickly – corporate cell phone plans and other necessary subscriptions in information technology can be advantageous at the time of contraction, but lose their attractiveness over time. Therefore, the reporting protocols and the indicators evaluated need to be constantly considered and improved when necessary.

3. Time organization

Procrastination is the buzzword when it comes to time management and the practice of postponing tasks has become a big problem for companies and employees. There is no universal rule or formula to circumvent the situation and that works effectively for all people, but there are techniques and mores that can make all the difference when applied incisively.

Have one to-do list, use the pomodoro technique, start with the fastest task. There is no shortage of tips available and, to have good results, it is worth trying several of them until you find the one that most applies to your daily life and use it in your daily life.

4. Delegating tasks

Even optimizing our time and tasks, it is not always possible to do everything that is necessary with time and quality needed. Therefore, it is essential to understand what needs to be delegated to other people or even to other outsourced companies. IT and telecom sectors in companies tend to accumulate many functions and, in many cases, this boils down to an excess of work for managers and analysts in the area, which can be solved with an IT consultancy, and cost less than the hiring more employees, helping to reduce the company's overall costs.

5. Optimizing costs

As we have already said, an advantageous plan is not always the best option after a while. Therefore, take advantage of the new year's eve to review telephony contracts, licenses and other types of fixed costs. Always remember that this can result in less expenses, but also in quality improvement of available resources and better cost-benefit ratios over time.

6. Relationship with colleagues

Working with people involves building relationships that occupy a large part of each person's day and life. Therefore, it is essential to value good interpersonal relationships and the construction of bonds of respect and collaboration. In times as atypical as what we are living, this is even more important, as social and personal difficulties are more latent. Therefore, it is interesting to be more patient with colleagues and with the employees under your responsibility, in addition to exercising empathy and seeking to better understand what is generating certain types of behavior and, thus, deal with it on the most positive way..

7. Adapting the company's language

Communicating well with all audiences is essential to establish itself as a company that values all the people with whom they are part of its journey. Therefore, it is time to take advantage of the new year to review the language that has been used and if its messages are effective and appropriate. In addition to being clear and transparent with everyone, it is worth checking that all people receive the published content and that they assimilate it easily. It is also important to check the terms used, as many of them may be inappropriate or even offensive to certain groups, and it is essential to review the ways in which the language be more including.

8. Hearing all the voices

An effective communication process involves dialogue and, therefore, it is also important to know what your employees and partners think and have to say. So, take advantage of the renewal climate and create ombudsman channels, receiving criticisms, suggestions and comments. Being open to hearing what everyone has to say is an excellent way to identify areas that can be improved and find ways to make your company grow together with your employees.

9. Invest in new technologies

Storage, BI, internet of things. All these technologies are on the rise and are important assets to let companies at a competitive level with the major trends in their sector. In addition, they represent viable solutions for different types of problems and optimizations, and can be applied in different sectors of a company to improve its processes.

10. Know how to reinvent yourself

Innovation and reinvention were terms that were exhausted in 2020, but they should be looked at carefully for those in the market. Being aware of what is happening is a good way to start this process, as you can identify opportunities and news that will facilitate your routine and your business. Be open to changes and know when to innovate to improve!