The EMM already is consolidated as an fundametal managment tool, but do you know the benefits that your companie can acquire implementing this solution? Check out!

Do you know what EMM is? This acronym in English for Enterprise Mobility Management. But what does it means in practice? EMM is a set of services and policies that, aligned with information technology, helps in managing corporate mobile devices.

Within this solution there are several achronyms like: MAM, MDM, UEM. Each one acting differently within the management strategy. All of it helps on solutions for the employees that has a corporated cell phone, by example. Next, we have listed some os advantages of using EMM on companies:

  1. Higher productivity

A survey carried out in 2018 by Deloitte concluded that 76% of interviewed brasilians use their cell phone frequently or very often for personal purposes during work hours. With EMM, it is possiblie to segment specific hardware access and monitor the time spent in corporated activities, ensuring more productivity every day.

2. Security

The General Data Protection Law – GDPL which came into force last year, has as objective to ensure that people has more control by your data on internet. However an survey made by MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) shows that data leaks grew in 483% in Brazil. When a companie uses EMM on their employees corporated mobile devices, they ensure the security of the institutional information and personal data protection, even in cases of loss or theft of the device.

3. Resource optimization

An other important benefit for the manager that uses EMM, is the possibility of resources optimizations and even so generate saving for the business. Through this resource, it is possible to have better inventory control, ensuring that the collaborator have time for other important tasks and reduce the acquisition of new equipment by guaranteeing a longer lifespan for them.

4. Improvement in process efficiency

Using an EMM platform, everyone wins. For IT team, become easier access devices on a remote way, making it easier to make adjustments, applications and system updates, in addition to providing assistance to the employee. The manager can stay calm of data security, increase team prodtuvity and take more assertive decisions. Finally the collaborator can count on security to make his job using mobile devices anywhare, beyong ensure an great experience with the latest version of the applications.

The benefits of using EMM for IT and Telecom management are many and cover all sectors of the company. To ensure efficiency of your consultancy on this process, learn the EMM services that BTB offer and have more security, savings and practical solutions on your business.