Telephony Outsourcing for Enterprise

The telecommunications solutions and resources are indispensable and increasingly present among organizations. In consequence, there was an expressive growth on the representativeness of telephony costs.
Aiming the efficiency on the management of these resources and the maintenance of the operation, BTB Telecom offers specialized telephony Outsourcing, which results in reduction of cost for the customer and a better level of services for the users.
Devote all your time on your business. Our Outsourcing solution is complete and efficient.
See below details of each component.
Technical Support - Service Desk
Single contact point for solving all telephony-related issues.
Provides to the final user a better level of service than segmented support.
The Service Desk aims to serve the final users, register the contact through a ticket, assign internally and solve it.
Audit, Consolidation and User Management
A very important part of the mobile telephony management services is the control over the invoices, terms and conditions, fares, plans and services usage. BTB Telecom offers the services listed below:

Contracts and Orders Management: Contracts execution and follow-up, access, lines and equipment requests/deliveries. All mobile operator processes monitoring, deadline and details report.
Contract Audit: Monthly analysis of the invoices, contracted x invoiced and contestation report for sending to the mobile operators.
Bills Consolidation: Consolidation of invoices from different mobile operators and states on a single report. Monthly customized reports with focus on the customer’s business. Report for expenses management and decision-making.
Consumption Deviation Identification: Identification of consumption behavior deviation and recommendation of adjustments to reduce the costs and optimize the service.
Consumption Web Reports: Availability, for users and managers, of the consumption history from the last months in a Web portal aiming a greater control and costs reduction.
Equipment Management: The device management usually represents a great challenge at mobile telephony operations, either for the equipment variety or for the geographic distribution of users. The availability and speed are fundamental issues in our operation, because the devices are the main working tool of the field teams. Some services ensure the appropriate availability of equipment for the users.

Availability Plan: Depending on each customer’s characteristics, a customized contingency is suggested according to the users’ geographic distribution. It consists in stock backup equipment with defined processes of sending and replacement.
Equipment Acquisition: Acquisition process of new devices for the expansion of projects or replacement of the existing operation on a centralized way.

Equipment Preparation: Features testing, app installation and customization needed for sending to the customer.
Dispatching: Equipment sending through mail and carrier following the processes defined at the beginning of the operation.

Repair Management: Repair process of damaged equipment in operation, under the guarantee or not.
With its own laboratory and certificated technicians, BTB Telecom executes the repairs fast and with quality. Devices under the manufacturer guarantee with problems not caused by misuse are directed to the technical assistance and managed by BTB Telecom. 
Service Management: Responsible for managing all the actions and processes on the service provision to the customer. Aims to ensure the delivery of the Levels of Service contracted and support the execution of innovation and improvement projects.