About Us

BTB Telecom operates on the telephony management, Consulting and Telecommunications Outsourcing areas, providing to its customers integrated solutions that aim to reduce costs and optimize telephony resources.
The goal is to increase the operators’ level of service, offering Control and Audit services of Invoices, Equipment Management (MDM), own Technical Assistance, Reverse Logistic and Business Intelligence.
All the solutions use technology, customized service and highly qualified technical consultancy.
The telephony management is done through an own system, the BTB-TEM, which is based on the TELECOM EXPENSE MANAGEMENT concept and was developed to meet the inventory management demands and costs related to mobile and fixed telephony and data.
With headquarters at Vila Olimpia in Sao Paulo, BTB Telecom is composed by professionals with more than ten years of experience in operators and telephony management. The operation area includes all Latin America with operating bases in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais and Buenos Aires.
The structure of BTB allows to serve companies of all sizes, generating telephony contracts independently of the number of lines, each of which having its own need and particularity, from Family Offices to big companies with global activity.
The purpose is to work in partnership with our customers in projects with measurable return aiming the effective use of Telecom resources.